Saturday, December 31, 2011

Celebrating New Year's eve

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This is how we celebrated the coming 2012 - food (bilog - bilog), videoke and fireworks right in front of our house, surrounded with friends and family!

Starting with Fountain Of Trevi
Followed by Art of War
Hammer of Justice
Lord of Hanabi
And the finale: Temple of heaven with 72 shots!

Happy New Year everyone! Happy 2012 to us all! :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Visiting Distrito again

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Deep Dish pizza for P150 /slice

We visited Distrito again last December 9 and, this time, we followed Krix's advice and went after 9pm. Krix was right, there were tables in the area and there are more food stalls!

By this time, I was so hungry and I wanted to try everything! But I decided to restrain myself. After circling the area 3 times, we finally decided to try the deep dish pizza this time.

The same stall was also selling pasta but pesto and baked mac seemed ordinary fare at the time so we decided to forego it.

Okay, I am not an expert on deep dish pizza. The one I bought has a thick dough but tastes actually great. The filling was thin but the cheese flavor actually compensated for this.

We also tried a different juice stall. The one we tried offers fresh yet frozen juice. We got 3 bottles of melon for P100. It was normal. Plus, since the juice was so frozen, you practically have to wait a long time before you can finish a bottle. I preferred the previous one which offers shake. 

I guess, what's good about Distrito is you get to try different food before you finally decide on what to eat. A lot of the stalls were offering free taste. There is even one lady who wanted me to try all the food in her stall! After having a  bite size of 2 options, I had to stop her kindly as I only bought her chinese lumpia :) 

I definitely need to go back here. There are a lot of other delights waiting to be tasted! No one would want to miss that! :)

Bite size tacos P100/tray. I was so tempted! Will try this next time

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Distrito Makati

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Makati people, you must try this. :)))

This month, the parking lot of Makati Med between Amorsolo and Salcedo sts. is being converted to a food fair every Friday.

Called Distrito, I visited it last December 2 and takaw mata when i saw the food being offered. Hehe it has been so long since i tasted isaw or chicken intestines.

When we arrived I can't really decide what to eat. I seemed to want to taste everything! We settled for grilled chicken, pork barbecue and isaw. To add a "healthy twist" we ordered fresh ripe mango and lychee shake.

Food was not really "cheap" compared to street food but it was reasonable.

My only comment was they didn't have any tables to make the people feel comfortable eating. It was as if they assumed that everyone would want to take the food for take out or eat standing up.

If you want to take out food, i also suggest you bring a bag as they do not have any plastic bags. Bawal daw. The brown paper bags were not really comfortable to bring especially if you order a lot (which we did). Or try to eat in the area standing up :)

Summary? Happy tummy! Definitely will come back next weekend to try the other stalls :))

PS According to my friend Krix, Distrito officially starts at 9 pm. By that time they set up tables and chairs for dining. Oh and it is on from Wednesdays to Fridays :)

Sayang. Was not able to try this

People cramming to one long table in the middle to eat
The juice bar, offers P40 for small, P50 for medium and P70 for the big cup

Our food = P245; P40 for the isaw stick




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