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Showing posts from June, 2012

Enjoying Tenderbobs

Just one of those days we decided to eat out (which is almost everyday! ). This night, we decided to indulge in some steak. I tried their barbecued fish head in my attempt to go lit e .     Grilled Salmon A pose with my food :)

Yamazaki still - curry rice and mackerel

After 2 months of eating only  Yamazaki's  cold noodles or  Hiyashichuka , I finally found the will to try something else :) This time, I tried their Katsu curry rice. They also have grilled Mackerel. Both were actually good.


Hojicha frap, the latest drink from Starbucks. It's earl grey tea with jelly. Reminds me of Serenitea. They also have green tea with red beans on top. What's more, i got it for free ! Just because i answered their survey :)

Bibingka and coffee on this windy day :)

Hiyasichuka and miso for lunch! :D

Been eating this at least twice a week. Can't get enough of it :D