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Fambond # 1 - Shakeys on a Sunday

After attending church together for the first time this year (Oh yes, you read it right, it was the first time we this year attended as one family . Bad and very bad), my bro, mom and I went to Santana Grove in Sucat for lunch.…

Savory Dinner

A Savory Dinner after a hectic week. And yes, the classic Savory chicken should always be present. Near Resorts World, after we brought Kuya to the airport

A date that would forever be etched in my memory... Seemed like a dream. It was that quick.  In an instance, everything changed.  A new perspective. Irony of life.  Disbelief yet acceptance. Darkness and C…

All the “single” ladies :P

Last June and July, our friend who migrated to Canada went back for a 2 month visit. To make our nights a little different from the usual coffee and dinner (and because Jean insisted that she is single then LOL!), we decided to …

Xin Wang Hongkong Cafe

Xin Wang Hongkong Café , despite its name, is actually a Singaporean Café. When we stumbled upon it at SM Mall of Asia about a week ago,