Friday, April 24, 2020

Disneyland Christmas Parade

8:18:00 PM
I know, I know. This is super late. 😅
I have so many more videos and I am just trying to find the time to upload. This quarantine has given me a little time to (learn to) edit and upload as well.
Pasensya na 😉
This parade was the first time for Elora and my mother. We hope to go back real soon.
So, here's sharing the beauty and wonder that is Disney 😊
Hopefully, the park opens soon so it can continue to share the magic and wonder.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Our adventures

8:57:00 PM
It's been how many days since the ECQ? A month, I think.
My weekday has been busy cooping up in a room as me and hubby try to work from home. It sure was busy.
Fortunately, we still have the weekends to play with Elora, and for me to try to learn how to do other stuff. This time its creating videos.
Below is my first project as I try to create a summary of our first few adventures. (Please be gentle with my attempt 😅 ).
Hopefully, I will get the time to sustain this as we wait the ECQ out.




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