Saturday, November 3, 2012

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Xin Wang Hongkong Cafe

2012-10-26 Hongkong Cafe 001
Xin Wang Hongkong Café, despite its name, is actually a Singaporean Café. When we stumbled upon it at SM Mall of Asia about a week ago,
we just had dinner so we ended up having dessert. And we resolved to go back and try the other fascinating dishes we saw in the menu.

2012-10-26 Hongkong Cafe 008

The special Mango Snow Ice was bigger than what we expected Smile (Php135)

2012-10-26 Hongkong Cafe 010
The French Toast with Ice Cream just looked beautiful. Php105
Taste-wise, don't bother ...
2012-10-26 Hongkong Cafe 016
with our chosen desserts

And back we did after a week! Smile

This time, we ordered the Signature Fried Rice, stir fried dry Hor Fun noodles and deep fried wanton dumpling.

The Fried Rice was already a dish in itself with its numerous meat toppings. The noodles was a bad decision as the noodles did not absorb the sauce, it tasted like uncooked pasta, while the fried wanton tasted like oil.
Still, I think we would still go back. There were a lot more interesting food in the menu. Ours may be a bad decision on what to order. Less rave now though.
nov1 018
the Fried Rice had lots of meat inside, Php225
nov1 015
Deep Fried Wanton Php110 for 6 pieces
nov1 014
Sliced Beef Horfun (Dry) Php225
nov1 017

nov1 011
while waiting for our order




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