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I never thought about it. I am young. My life stretches in front me, filling me with excitement of the unknown and all my plans for the future. My life is filled with hope for all the things that I can do and what life can offer me.
And then it jolted me awake. Life is fragile. Life is precious. I should not dream, instead I should act. I am not as invincible as I thought I was. The young can also be affected.
It takes a friend, who is as invincible as I am, to make me realize. And now she needs to cope, while I stand helpless, and pretend that everything is okay. Pretend everything is a joke when we both know that it is serious…when we make fun of things….when all I can do is pray for her and not show how affected I am.
And it gives me a different perspective on things… Everything around here is meaningless. These are just tools so I can live. I was wrong to make it my life.
My real life is out there, and not behind these four walls. I don’t have to be here every time. What matters are those that I have neglected for far so long. I should be there, where my real life awaits. Where I should live with everything and everyone that matters…
I will live again.