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Showing posts from September, 2008

Bye Apo

Time quickly flew... and then you're gone. You will always be in our hearts, a part of our lives. Bye Apo...


I seldom go to hospitals. Aside from the girlfriend-giving-birth occasions, I never do. I hate the place. But in one day, I have been in 2 hospitals and I had no choice. First, for my mom’s eye operation. The procedure was simple enough. We actually waited for just an hour and a half f…

Jeckyll and Hyde

Did this weeks ago. I debated whether to post this or not. I decided just a few moments ago. Bakit nga naman hindi. A snake In the guise of a dove A savior But you crucify us all You had everyone fooled With your words and wit But behind lies sarcasm A plot to destroy the weak. We don&…