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Cotton, Candy and their puppies

We delivered the last of Cotton and Candy’s puppies today. The last 2 were the favorite. sigh.
The first one (2nd from right), was picked up by its new owner 3 weeks ago. It was alright then. We weren’t so attached to them. Besides, there were still 3.
Then the second one (4th from right) was delivered last week. It was okay, I guess. She was a handful as she was the only one smart enough to climb out of their playpen.
But the last 2, Champ (first from right) and Chacha (third from right) were our favorites. My brother Edwin likes Chacha the most, while my favorite is Champ. They had the most character.
It’s hard to let go of the puppies. But it had to be done. Besides, there are still 6 dogs in the house. Also, time to focus on the new pups from Cotton (again) and Sugar (Candy’s sister) :)