Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adversities and changes

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The past 2 months have been a long roller coaster ride. And there is still one week before July says bye-bye.

It was a rollercoaster of emotions the past 2 months: from sadness, to depression, to white hot anger, to frustration, to indifference….

It is ^%#$%%#!! at work. I will not detail it here as I promise myself the vow of silence, aside of course from the fact that I have to abide with the code of silence this industry practices.

So what can I do? Nothing. Except vent my frustration on some things I can control…

Suddenly I need something new. It is time for change.

  1. I changed my desk’s layout in the office. Wish I could change the horrible green paint and the ill-looking layout of our area (gawa ba to ng ahensya? layout) but then I could not. So I just moved my desk where I am allowed and suffered in silence while facing that what-kind-of-green-is-that? paint.




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