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Adversities and changes

The past 2 months have been a long roller coaster ride. And there is still one week before July says bye-bye.

It was a rollercoaster of emotions the past 2 months: from sadness, to depression, to white hot anger, to frustration, to indifference….

It is ^%#$%%#!! at work. I will not detail it here as I promise myself the vow of silence, aside of course from the fact that I have to abide with the code of silence this industry practices.

So what can I do? Nothing. Except vent my frustration on some things I can control…

Suddenly I need something new. It is time for change.

  1. I changed my desk’s layout in the office. Wish I could change the horrible green paint and the ill-looking layout of our area (gawa ba to ng ahensya? layout) but then I could not. So I just moved my desk where I am allowed and suffered in silence while facing that what-kind-of-green-is-that? paint.
  2. I fixed my room. I threw away all those things I have been hoarding for so long. The hundreds of accessories I have accumulated through the years, the watches I bought from different stores… basta cute, bili. That goes bye-bye. Of course, I showed the things I don’t like to my Mom. She might like some. After all, some items were hardly worn. And I guessed right, so my cute watches are now hers. Out of my closet, and into hers
  3. I shopped. Oh the pleasure of every girl - shop with no thoughts on the cost. Shoes, bags and accessories, one after the other, every week. Shopping can really lift the mood! =D
  4. Organize, organize, organize! From my files, to my room, to my online life. Reviewed what I have and threw away those I no longer needed. Yep, including deleting online accounts.
  5. Resolutions. Used to work out. In fact I have a lifetime membership in a gym. It is time to bring that back. Since running is in, so running I went. Had 2 sessions this week, and hoping I can sustain it.
  6. Diet!!!! And not just because I want to lose weight. But because I want to live healthy (yeah right). So it is back to salad and cereals. Go away rice! I don’t want to see you nor hear from you, well at least for the next few days… or hours?
  7. New look. Goodbye to long wavy hair. My most drastic change and the most evident. From long (mid-back) hair in June, to layered shoulder length on July 8, to chin-length bob on July 13, to short-short on July 20. Yep, 3 hair lengths in 3 weeks-time. If my hair could be any shorter, I would have another hair cut this week. But the next will be the skin head and I cannot face myself like that.

So how do I address adversities and stress? 

I change. Change whatever I can.

I will not shout at the unfairness of it all. I will not be affected with the situations around. Instead, I will change and improve myself. 
Eat your heart out! :P