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Under the Crescent Moon (3)

My feet couldn’t walk fast enough as I maneuver the flight of stairs. I couldn’t believe I’m rushing like this.

It had been weeks since we last saw each other. Weeks since she was assigned to a project that entailed her to be in another place… Out of the office, out of my sight.

This was the longest I have not seen her. Since we met in the office years ago, we were almost inseparable. Our office mates were in fact noticing the closeness and, though no one was commenting, I know that they don’t agree. I told her about it but she laughed out loud and said “You’re crazy!” So we continued with our lunch dates, our journey home together, our chats, our walks… That was until she was assigned to another place 4 months ago.

We kept in touch. But it was all digitally. Always waiting for the other to be online. Always waiting for status messages. But the past 4 weeks have been silent. Was she avoiding me? Has she noticed that it was more than friendship for me? Had she come to her senses and listened to the whispers of our friends? Oh God! I hope not.

My feet faced the stairs in front of me, taking the steps two at a time. The long ride in the train was almost unbearable. Yet I concentrated on the task at hand. We would see each other again after 4 weeks. I needed to have a good, witty opening line. A line that would make her laugh, just like the old days.

I wonder why she changed? Or was I just being paranoid? I left her an offline message but she did not reply. And it made me worried.

She did not know that I would go and see her. It was supposed to be a surprise. If she was indeed avoiding me then I would know. If she sees me and smile, then I too would know.

My heart was thumping as I almost jumped out at the station. She should be out by 6:45. It was just 6:15. Plenty of time to wait.

I walked slowly, trying to steady my beating heart. Trying to rehearse the line. Thinking of ways to gently nudge her, if she had been avoiding me, yet not sounding accusatory.

I waited…. I paced back and forth in front of the building… never had 30 minutes been so long…

And then I saw her. Rather, she saw me. And it made me stopped at my tracks.

Her eyes made me remember all the things I love about her… the wisdom, even at a young age, the wit the humor. Life…

She saw me and I saw happiness, then as if a switch had been turned off, she glanced down.

She approached me and smiled “Hey John!”, as if everything was normal. I looked at her and searched her eyes. I wanted to drown in the depths of her gaze.

“This is Phil”, then only then did I notice the guy beside her. 

My world stopped. This was all a dream. This cannot be happening…. 


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