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Showing posts from November, 2010

Shinjuku Ren

After a hard day's work, I usually look for something nice to eat. Call it my reward, if you must. Fortunately I found one such restaurant which offers me "comfort" whenever I feel drained from work. Introduced by colleagues from work, Shinjuku Ren is my "after-work&q…

Manila's hawker - Makansutra

Imagine the taste of Asia in just one place! That's how I felt when we ate at Makansutra located at the 2nd floor of Manila Ocean Park in Luneta, Manila. Inspired by Singapore's hawkers, it reminded me the Lion City...   Hainanese chicken Chicken …

Sunset at the boulevard

Capturing the sun at Roxas Boulevard

Capturing relatives

Capturing cousins and uncles during my godson's birthday party last September. Jen (Esteban) Lopez with son Wawilyne (Esteban) Hjartnes with daughter Klowie Esteban bros