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Shinjuku Ren

After a hard day's work, I usually look for something nice to eat. Call it my reward, if you must. Fortunately I found one such restaurant which offers me "comfort" whenever I feel drained from work.

Introduced by colleagues from work, Shinjuku Ren is my "after-work" haven. It is located along Chino Roces (Pasong Tamo) in Makati and is practically "along the way" since I work just in Legaspi Village.

Shinjuku Ren is a Japanese restaurant with mostly ramen in their menu. Be prepared to be hungry though as their ramens are served in bowls as big as basins! Regular order will be so filling while their large can actually serve two. Variation are so wide that those I tried cannot even reach 1/4 of their offerings. They also serve the usual gyoza, sushi and sashimi.

Prices of a regular ramen ranges from Php200 and up, while large is almost Php400+. Might be expensive for some but sobrang sulit! I guarantee that you will come out with big stomachs yet still wishing you can still consume more. After a hearty meal, I would usually feel so sleepy from satiation... tho it may also be because of the vetsin. LOL! :D

Chasyu Ramen

Sorry. Forgot what this one is called :P

Sushi platter

Okay. The pictures above were from 2 separate visits :)