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The Cheese Steak Shop

Last July 13, we happened to pass by Arnaiz Road, Makati on our way home. We saw The Cheese Steak Shop and figured "this is something new". The food adventurers that we are, we tried it out.

We were right on the "new" part. It was the first day of their soft opening.

The price was a little high for ordinary folks considering it was just a "sandwich". A 7" costs about P300 to 500 depending on variant. A 10" costs about P400 to 800 while a 15" costs P500 to as high as P1,290!
Value Meals is just fries and soda

As we were not entirely hungry, we decided to order the Classic Philly Cheesesteak 10" and asked them if they could cut it in half.   They accommodated our request. 
Classic Chilly Cheesesteak

We also ordered large fries and drinks and shared it. They do not have value meals yet. For the fries, customers have the option for steak fries, garlic or twister fries. From the crew's recommendation, we tried the steak fries.  

Combo fries and soda

Real potato for their fries!

I love the Classic Cheesesteak! The combination of sweet and chili peppers make you want to sink your teeth continuously on the sandwich. The half of a 10" was actually bitin. I guess the 7" would have been the perfect size. 

While eating, we happened to talk briefly with Ms. Rebecca Enriquez and we learned that this is the first  franchise in the Philippines. Cheesesteak Shop was originally in San Francisco, US. Read more from the link. :)

Would love to go back and try their other offerings!

 The Cheesesteak shop is along Arnaiz Rd (formerly Pasay Road), Makati City.


  1. imo chucks deli and elberts have better cheese steaks, and its a bit overpriced

  2. Thank you. Yeah, i think Cheese Steak is overpriced too :)

  3. was supposed to try then they had the buy 1 take 1, but i came a bit early, they're still closed :( too bad cannot stay & wait.


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