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Badjao Inn - after all these years (Esteban in Palawan Day 1)

I have been to Puerto Princesa before. I was there in 2006  and last August was the only opportunity to go back. It is the same beautiful city yet vastly different. The island is still a non-smoking and no littering place. But there are more business places now. Robinson's mall is already being constructed, while SM was already confirmed to be building their own soon (confirmed at least by our trusty tricycle driver/guide). There was also  an Eton Square (?) already. The last time I went there, they didn't have a mall !

In 2006, you can only choose from the famous restos like Kinabuch, Ka Lui or Badjao. Or eat at your hotel. But now, you can always opt to eat at Chowking, Jollibee or Mang Inasal. That's progress I guess.

Despite these changes, the August trip was the first time for my family to explore Puerto Princesa and I hope to give them the same sense of beauty I experienced in 2007. So I strove to make it an authentic Puerto Prinsesa experience for them :D.

After checking in at our hotel, we decided to go out for late mid-afternoon lunch. We went to Badjao Inn and Restaurant, about 20 minutes tricycle-ride from our hotel.

The place is not on the main road. Either you ask the tricycle driver who took you to wait (P150/hour) or you walk going back to the main road. Since it was raining hard when we went there, we asked Mang Mario to wait for us.
The bridge going inside the restaurant

The interior
their "bangka" of fruit

We immediately ordered as it was almost mid afternoon. The meal took about 30 minutes to arrive.   Nothing worth remembering and i am not sure if it was the choices we made. But we finished all. Perhaps we were just hungry. All I can remember was there were lots of mosquitoes under our table. Best to apply Off lotion before eating here. Hehe!

Overall I can say we have to visit the place, at least for the view and ambience. Food was "regular".

Adobo sa gata


Beef ampalaya
After that filling meal, it was time to explore the place!

My brother in front of "the view"

The area near the restroom and the stairs going down the sea
The stairs. We were not able to go down as it was raining hard. 

The entrance

Oh and before I forget, I want to share how Badjao looked like 5 years ago when I was here with my Highschool friends. 
The entrance then
The bridge

Restaurant area

Just before the main entrance
Look-wise it was a major improvement, right? :)

Badjao is located along Abueg Road, Puerto Princesa.