Friday, October 7, 2011

# food # Glorietta 4

Jipan Glorietta 4

Went to Glorietta 4 after a seminar in Intercontinental Hotel a few weeks ago. And believe me, although I am in Makati 6 days a week, i seldom go here. This time though i find myself exploring (again) the area.

After an hour or two of shopping, we decided to dine at Jipan. I think I have eaten here before but it was so long ago i cannot actually remember.

Ordered the usual bento but it was standard fare. Each bento costs about P250 or more depending on the main dish.

Oh, and their seats are in between the stores. So I do not think dining here will be relaxing during a sale :)

miso soup -  the only item interesting for me

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