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Paradise called Camiguin - Day 1

It was my first time to visit Camiguin, and boy, was it far. But seeing the place was well worth it.

To start off, when my flight was booked, i had no idea that i will be going to the place. From the promo fares of Cebu pacific, i booked Cagayan de Oro. Then from there, i checked the places I could visit.
Camiguin Island view from White Island -
Mount Hibok-hibok on the left, Old Volcano on the right

I have visited Cagayan de Oro numerous times. I have tried their famous zip line. Numerous google searches later, I decided it was time to visit Camiguin via CDO. Good thing, i came upon this blog ( which helped me plan better for the trip.

This was the first time I really prepared, from the itinerary to the budget to the transfers. I felt like this was an event that I was planning for, except that I was my own staff =)

I decided against availing of the transfers that the resort quoted me as I felt it was an unnecessary expense. They were originally quoting me about P4000 from the airport to the resort. It was much higher than my original plane fare!

The travel from CDO to Camiguin was quite easy albeit long. And friendly people were there to help you. Just make sure you ask yet still be wary. Mahirap na :)

CDO to the port
From CDO, we took a cab to the Agora market bus terminal. Fare was about P250. CDO taxis will haggle for more. Just ask them to use the meter. The cab we hired originally quoted P250 but agreed to use the meter instead if we add P40. We agreed. Total fare was actually the same at the original quoted price.

From Agora market, you can find buses and vans that can bring you to the Balingoan port. These ply the Butuan-Cagayan de Oro-Iligan Road.

There were some who intercept the people going to the buses and offer their vans instead at P100/person if you are willing to wait for the vans to fill up with other passengers. We opted to rent the whole van at the quoted price of P600. When we have already pulled out of the terminal, the driver asked if he could pick up some passengers along the way. We declined and asked that we be brought back to the terminal if he will insist, as it was not part of the original deal. Fortunately, he did not insist.

Later on, we realized he did not really earn from bringing us to the Balingoan port. We gave him an additional P100. (Gas prices when we were there was at P57/liter. Imagine the distance at 1.5 hours without traffic. )

Agora market to Balingoan was approximately 1.5 hours (already at Misamis Oriental by this time). Upon arriving at the port, we immediately bought ferry tickets. Cost is P170 each. Terminal fee was P2.25 each plus we paid an additional P2.00 each, I think for tax.

The ferry was scheduled to arrive at 1:45 pm. Since we have about 45 minutes to spare, we decided to have a simple lunch at the carinderia beside the port.

The ferry (Super Shuttle Ferry 1) arrived a few minutes before the designated time. However, it left around past 2 pm, as it had to wait for more passengers. It was okay with us, as there were things to see given that it was my first time to ride on a ferry.

"Tapon Barya" boys
The  "Tapon Barya" boys were interesting. Literally, throw the coins at the sea and they will dive to get it. Of course, this meant they keep the coins for themselves. Though it might be interesting to watch, we opted to just give them coins without asking them to dive for it.

Watching them, playing and swimming in the Bohol Sea was amazing. I wished I could even be half the swimmers they were.

The ferry to Camiguin
It was a little over an hour ferry ride to Camiguin. And I felt like I was being lulled to sleep by the ferry as it swayed against the waves. The waves were already strong that time as it was mid afternoon. Based on my limited experience (island hopping and such), waves were usually stronger in the afternoon.

No other thing to do but soak in the scenery =)

Port of Balingoan

My first ferry ride =)

A lone boatman braving the strong waves

Pigeons "dock" on the boat as we approach Camiguin

The only billboard (I think) that you can see from the ferry
as you approach Camiguin

Port Benoni

After we docked at Port Benoni
Port to Hotel - Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin
Docking at Port Benoni in Camiguin, men would immediately approach you to offer their multicab for rent to the hotel. For a certain fee, they can take you to any of the hotels of your choice and would even wait for you if you decide to look for another one. This was actually okay if you do not have any idea on where to stay in Camiguin. Since we were already booked at Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin (BBC), we rented one for P300 to bring us to BBC.

Look for Junior "Tangga" at 0910-8834902

After we got settled at BBC, we arranged with the same multicab to tour us the next day. The rest of the day was spent at BBC.

I will write about BBC on a separate post, including the tour of Camiguin. =) Till then!

Entrance to Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin