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Rice Pots hits the spot :P

On our way home, we decided to eat at BF homes in Paranaque. Since we were not really in the mood for anything specific, we decided to eat somewhere new. We ended up at Rice Pots.

Rice Pots at BF is the first and only branch as of the moment. It has been existing for 6 months as of this writing. It has the same owners as El Presidente of Binondo according to the waiter we interviewed.

Rice Pots offers pots of flavored rice. You can choose from Sweet Sambal, Yang Chow, Kimchi, Japanese Rice and Salted Fish. At that time, you can choose any 2 viands for only P189.00. You have the option to choose 3 or more viands at a higher price of course.

We chose the Sweet Sambal with chicken and mushroom and beef brisket for the viand.

The pot of rice can actually feed until 3 people though they are claiming it is good for one to 2 persons only. But then, we saw 2 guys order 1 pot each. I guess it all depends on the appetite. :D

Viand servings are actually small tho. I suggest you order extra. You can choose from a variety of dumplings and Chinese food like the lemon chicken.

They also serve bottomless hot jasmine tea for only P50. I think we consumed about 3 pots during the course of our meal.

Since there were a few people around, waiters were very attentive and cooking time was not that long.

Interesting food. The rice is actually a good meal on its own. Makes me want to go back and try their other pots of rice. :))

Sweet Sambal rice
Beef brisket
Chicken and mushroom

Big plates adorned the wall