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Back to Basix (Dusit Hotel)

It is called Basix but the buffet was not at all basic. You can choose from the usual Japanese food, roast offerings and Chinese food. From there, you can have them cook your pasta, offer you dumplings, grill your seafood, go Indian and of course, you can finish everything off with a wide selection of desserts; from the chocolate fondue to the ice cream, crepe to fresh fruits. 

In addition to the food, you can get your unlimited Lite and Pale beer  plus unlimited ice tea and juice. They used to serve wine but they already removed it from the list. 

Price was P1600++ per person. It used to be P1200 about a year or so ago. But it was so much worth it. Better than dinner at M2M. (Though M2M is actually great for breakfast. Believe me!) The place was actually full when we went there.

The place closes at 10pm so be there early!

Salmon and maki heaven. Tuna and tanigue sashimi also available
Yep, always the starter

Tried only the roast duck... because there's so much more to taste!

They will grill these for you
Heavenly roast pork + oysters
Going Indian.

At work for your noodles
typical hotel desserts

Unexpected birthday song from the staff of Basix
The birthday boy