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Cafe Astoria

Buffet area
Got recently invited to a buffet dinner at Astoria Hotel in Ortigas. What can I say? Free food so off we went, beating the Friday traffic.

The dining area was small, more like a function room. The food itself was not spectacular. The selection was few. Among those that was offered, I only liked the vermicelli salad. The others were ordinary I guess.

When we went there, a band was also playing which made the less-than-perfect meal enjoyable.

All in all, I cannot say much except that it was free... So I should bring the expectation down :P

Oh, by the way, they are not in any way affiliated with Waldorf Astoria. That explains it I guess hehe

(L-R) Cold cuts, vermicelli salad, marinated chicken
Seafood linguine
I dont really know what this is :P