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Savor it!

After a Sunday meeting, we decided to reward ourselves and relax for a while. And since it is reward we want, we chose a place that offers real food (read: with rice). We went for Savor in Rockwell Business Center in Ortigas, beside The Medical City.

We ordered crispy binagoongan, mongo soup, kadyos and talangka rice.

Kadyos is an Ilonggo dish made from langka, beans called kadyos and pork. The soup is sour, similar to sinigang. The one in Savor was good but nothing like the one from Chicken Bacolod.

The mongo soup was also quite normal. Similar to what I cook at home (LOL!)
mongo soup

The rice, aside from thinking it was quite sinful because of all the fat, tasted a bit oily for me. It made me actually regret ordering it, aside from the fact that it does not go well with the other dishes.

Among these, what really made its mark was the crispy binagoongan. The pork was lechon-like in its crispiness, and the bagoong (shrimp paste) had the right taste of salty sweet. It was almost similar to the shrimp paste my dad makes :)
Crispy binagoongan and taba ng talangka rice

If I will go back, I would definitely order again the crispy binagoongan. With plain rice this time. :)

PS We want back a week after with the whole team. That time we ordered kare-kare, boneless crispy pata and pork binagoongan. The latter was still the runaway winner.