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Toast Box

Recently discovered Toast Box at Greenbelt 5. Been going there for the past month. Located at the 3rd floor of Greenbelt 3, Toast Box offers Asian food, mostly kaya toast and coffee or milo.

The few times we were there though, we opted more for their meals rather than toast and coffee. So far, we have tried their Hainanese Chicken meal with noodles.

Toast Box version of Hainanese
I am fond of Hainanese Chicken though not entirely an expert. And this is NOT IT. I guess because there was not enough ginger sauce? heheheh Sorry but I was not very fond of their version. Their noodles also do not seem to go well with chicken. I still prefer Hainanese Chicken with Hainan rice. I even prefer the one from Hainanese Delights though it is just a fast food joint. 
Chicken Curry
Now their chicken curry is something else. Let us just say I could not help but finish everything including the sauce. I gulped it all even without rice! And this is from someone who loves curry, and "drinks" curry sauces. LOL!

For both meals, we had the option to have cold barley with an additional Php 30. The drink costs P70 if bought separately. 


I would still need to go back and try their Kaya toasts and Milo dinosaur, including their kopi. After all, I think those are their specialties. :D

Also love their laksa which I tried the first time we went there

Forgot what this one was called :P