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La Cocina De Tita Moning

Last July, our friends from Hakuhodo Singapore visited the office for a meeting and to cascade some information.

We at Axent wanted them to experience the best of what Filipino food can offer. Good thing our chairman highly recommended La Cocina de Tita Moning located near Malacanang Palace. Dining in the place was an experience in itself!

The place used to be an ancestral home converted to a restaurant and a museum. You can opt to do the tour prior or after your meal. For us, since we arrived late due to Makati traffic, opted for the meal first and the tour after.

We started with some drinks in the patio, and afterwards were ushered to a "function room" to have our meal in private, away from the other diners.

L-R: started with traditional tinola and salad of mango and kesong puti.
The one at the bottom is the salsa monja that makes each dish more delicious! 

L-R: the menu beside each plate, a dish of carabao cheese, caramelized banana and fruits,
roast pork with crunchy chicharon, brown rice and sauteed vegetables

L-R: Fruits in season, native hot chocolate with cinnamon stick, bread pudding and turon and coffee

L-R: dining scenes as the waiter brings the dish to each guest!
Our COO being served (Bottom left), and our chairman being offered cheese, walnuts and grapes (Bottom right)

There's so much to see in the museum! Too bad we had a hurried tour as it was late at night. Plus I dont have a real camera. Sharing a few items below, shot from my phone.
The stairway going up to the dining hall, the downstairs study and the second floor living room

A few snapshots from the museum

L-R: The Hakuhodo and Axent Team: Michelle Tan, Nestor Reantaso, Freddy Tan, this writer, Willie Garcia,
Felix San Jose, Catherine Lock, Minnie Dimson, Romi Mishina and Eric Cristobal. This shot from Michelle Tan.
Before I forget, throw any thoughts of diet if you decide to eat here =P
Check their website at