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Lunch with Mom and Tina’s

This slow Saturday urged us to visit Mom and Tina’s again. Perhaps it was because it was not even 12 noon that’s why it appeared as if it was a slow day too for the bakery café.
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We decided on Chicken Relleno and Paella Valenciana, though I was torn with trying out their old day breakfast. It appeared that Paella Valenciana was a good choice, but not so with the Chicken Relleno.
012wtrmrk009wtrmrk014wtrmrkOf course, going to this place would not be complete without having any one of their baked treats.  Since we came from the gym (yeah right), we resisted the decadent cakes and opted for Dulce de Leche Mini Ensaimadas instead, each at P20.00. We finished this with brewed coffee.
A nice lunch to a nice and slow day Winking smile