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Showing posts from January, 2013

Meeting's reward

Ordinary fare of tokwa't baboy and lugaw. Simple but filling in more ways than one, especially after a day's work :)

Unwind time at Starbucks

To say that this week was busy is an understatement.  Time for some indulgence <3 Created using Pic Collage. Sent from Elle's  iPhone 

Insta Shabu-Shabu

view full image view full image "#shabu-shabu and #grill #dinner at home tonight :) #tummyhaven" The works! Instagram  photos by @theelleswhere

KFC's BBQ shredder

Tried KFC's BBQ Shredder last night.  Tastes like bbq (and so they say).  I liked the crunch of the tortilla chips though overall size of the burger was quite disappointing (if you look at the ad materials). Chicken was not appetizing to look at too. Taste-wise, so-so.  …

Happy Cream Puff

Been passing by this place for a long time but this is the first time I actually went to the place. I was actually pleasantly surprise to see the different variants of cream puff. Tried the caramel, dark chocolate and the whole almond. Each costs P25 for the petite, while a bigger size …

Fambond #6 - Tasty Tucker

Whenever we want peace and quiet while shopping, we think of HMR and SM Hypermart along service road going to Muntinlupa. And there is a place called Tasty Tucker. We often just order their big sandwiches there. This time though, we tried their meals. There is actually a lot to choose f…