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Fambond #6 - Tasty Tucker

Whenever we want peace and quiet while shopping, we think of HMR and SM Hypermart along service road going to Muntinlupa. And there is a place called Tasty Tucker.

We often just order their big sandwiches there. This time though, we tried their meals. There is actually a lot to choose from and we finally decided on chicken  parmigiana on pasta (there is an option with salad and chips), korean beef stew and club house sandwiches.

The Korean Beef Stew (Php225) was great though we were expecting it to include a sauce. The pasta (Php199) was Italian  which my mother did not like as she was more of the birthday spaghetti type. The chicken was also a bit on the overcooked side so it was more hard than crunchy. Clubhouse (Php125) was okay and the size actually is good enough for 2 people.

We ended the meal by sharing a slice of blueberry cheesecake.

After a hearty meal, off we went shopping and burned our pockets. LOL!

(L-R) Chicken Parmigiana on pasta, Blueberry Cheesecake, Korean Beef Stew, Clubhouse