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Japanese Valentine x 2 (Hoka Ben and Ukkokei)

Hoka Bencollage 2
We were not really the types to plan for Valentines Day. Perhaps its practicality or a realization that opportunistic capitalists are out to get our money! Smile with tongue out Plan or not though, we still make it a point to celebrate the day of Hearts.

After a long day of meetings and traffic, we decided to have our late Valentine dinner at BF Paranaque so that it would be nearer our home, and we would not be stuck with the Valentine rush in the other restaurants in Makati.

This is not our first time at Hoka Ben. (You can check out my previous post here). What made us decide to come back is the coziness and solitude of the place. Aside from that, it was very affordable. Open-mouthed smile

When we went there, there was only one other table filled so we practically had the privacy we quiet time we wanted.

2013 Valentine Weekend 008
2013 Valentine Weekend 007

I ordered the hiyashisoba, which is cold noodles. The bowl of garnishings beside it also contain the semi-sweet sauce that I liked with cold noodles.

2013 Valentine Weekend 012

Their gyoza was crispy on one side and steamed on the other. 5 pieces cost just about P120 I think.

2013 Valentine Weekend 013Complimentary jelly and ice cream since it was Valentines Day. Open-mouthed smile

collage 1
P.S. Hoka Ben also have their unlimited tempura for just P450. Must try that some time.

Ukkokei Ramen Ron

February 15 was a continuation of the celebration. Smile We decided to try out2013 Valentine Weekend 026 the other place that my friend Ronnie talked about. So off we went to try out Ukkokei Ramen Ron along Pasay Road in Makati.

Ukkokei is a ramen house and very casual, I guess, because the people who we saw at the place were mostly in shorts and in jeans.

The menu is mostly a choice between shoyu, shio and miso ramen. Okay, I don’t really know the difference between the 3. Sorry! Embarrassed smile

I chose Shio Butter Corn since I am fond of corns in soup. Jie on the other hand ordered the Hiyashi Ramen Goma, which is actually cold noodles. In the middle of our dinner, we exchanged bowls as I am more of the cold noodles person than he is.
2013 Valentine Weekend 020The paper placemat at Ukkokei. I have NO idea what it says Smile with tongue out
2013 Valentine Weekend 021
Shio Butter Corn costs Php350 a bowl.
2013 Valentine Weekend 022

Hiyashi Ramen Goma which costs Php360.

2013 Valentine Weekend 027
Red roseHappy Valentines everyone! Red rose