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Meeting at UCC Coffee Westgate

Feb 2, 2013 – My older brother arrived from Singapore to attend to some business. I also had to arrange his  meeting with my lawyer friend Laarni. The meeting was decided at UCC in Westgate Alabang and me and my mother decided to tag along.
While my brother and my friend was conducting their business meeting, my Mom and I decided to indulge ourselves at the other table with some dessert the place offers.
2013Feb 2 Kuya's visit 011
After a lot of debating, my Mom and I decided to share mixed fruit crepe. We were a bit disappointed because we were expecting fruit crepes. This UCC crepe actually just contain ice cream. The fruits were actually just on the side. 2013Feb 2 Kuya's visit 010
The latte I ordered with the crepe was normal. My Mom on the other hand decided on the banana cooler. Well, it tastes like banana shake when my Mom asked me to try it. So-so, I guess. 2013Feb 2 Kuya's visit 012
Since my brother was busy with his meeting, he was not able to touch the fudge brownie ala mode that he ordered. By the time that I took a picture, the ice cream had already melted! Too bad. 2013Feb 2 Kuya's visit 014
Laarni ordered toasts with apple sauce. Okay. Both of us do not know what it was called but she swears it was delish! Would probably try it the next time I visit a UCC branch. 2013Feb 2 Kuya's visit 015
2013Feb 2 Kuya's visit 0132013Feb 2 Kuya's visit 004
Just some pics before and after a “successful” meeting for my brother, and an indulgent coffee break for me and my Mom. 2013Feb 2 Kuya's visit 018
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