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Going Indian at Swagat Indian Cuisine

I have eaten here a few times but never wrote about it. I have actually been passing by the place ever since I can remember. I guess it was because it was so near our office that I take the place for granted? Aside from the fact that those times that I ate here were actually so far in between.

Okay. I love curry and I love roti so I like the place, at least as far as what I have tasted and tried. If you don't like the two, then I don't know if you even want to try eating here hehehe

Last night we tried Rogham Josh which is actually goat meat cooked with cream butter and spices. It costs Php200 and according to the one who served us was one of their best sellers.

Another dish which she highly recommended was the Malai Kofta, vegetable balls that were fried and cooked with gravy. Cost for 4 pieces was Php 140.

We partnered the 2 dishes with roti, unleavened bread which sells for Php 10 each, which we dipped on the curry.

When both arrived, it was actually a choice between yellow and orange curry. I like the yellow curry, Rogham Josh, better. It was creamy and the goat was so tender. The Malai Kofta, on the other hand, was a little salty for my taste plus the vegetable balls' taste was unrecognizable. Sauce was also creamy so it actually redeemed itself.

At the end of dinner, let us just say that both dishes were wiped clean by our roti. :D

Rogham Josh

Malai Kofta

Swagat Indian Cuisine is located along Rada St., in Legaspi Village Makati.