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Showing posts from June, 2013

Rise of Hope

The war between dark and light. The fight between despair and hope. As the sun rises, so does a new beginning... great hope for the illumination. View from the Sunrise Holiday Mansion in Tagaytay last Holy Week.


Love this Chocolate Lava cake from Aggy's Bakeshop. Rich chocolate cake with caramel. Seeing it now makes me crave. Arghhhh! Maybe it's enough to look at the picture now.

From the Forest

Captured during the start-of-the-year corporate planning at the  Forest Club ... Images that calm the nerves ... soothes the mind ... rests the soul. How I wish I am in my own forest now...

The SuperMoon

Tried to capture the Supermoon with my iphone 4s last June 23. Summer solstice 2013. :) Image watermarked with  iWatermark  for iOS Sent from Elle's  iPhone 


I have not been writing for a while now. Too busy and tired (plus a bit lazy) the past weeks.  My laptop was already filled with food shots that I was not able to upload. Anyway, good thing I was able to sneak a few time off to write about this one. I have been…