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I have not been writing for a while now. Too busy and tired (plus a bit lazy) the past weeks.  My laptop was already filled with food shots that I was not able to upload. Anyway, good thing I was able to sneak a few time off to write about this one.

I have been to Namnam a few times already since early this year. And I’m always excited every time I eat here. I guess it’s because I never quite know what to expect.
NamNam 002
Namnam offers traditional and Filipino food with a twists (Classics and Twists in their menu). And boy, what twists they have!

First, their menu has 2 columns: one lists down traditional Filipino food while the other one contains all their Filipino food offerings that have twists. Whatever I have tried in the few visits I did, Namnam has not disappointed me yet. Listed those below Open-mouthed smile
NamNam 005
They call it Dynamite – chili wrapped and deep fried. One of their pulutans (appetizers). If you’re one of those who are into chili, this one is interesting. It’s edibly hot. Oh and it’s filled with cheese inside. Winking smile
NamNam 004
Another of their appetizers, this one is tokwa’t baboy. The tofu is so crunchy, the pork is tender, and the mix of raw onions and chili with vinegar just gives it the right blend of flavor. Yum!
2013-06-11 21.11.17
Now, this one quickly went up to my favorite list! Again, part of their appetizer list, the Baby Squid in Olive Oil is so oh so tender. A few drops of the sauce would make you want to eat spoonfuls of rice. Do not order if you are avoiding rice In love
NamNam 006
I can’t remember much about their sisig. I guess it was pretty “normal”. (Sorry!)

NamNam 008
Now, this one is another favorite. Sinigang na Beef Short ribs with watermelon. And yes, it really has watermelon. Another of their Twists, the sinigang broth has just the right sourness. Can’t define though what they used for the broth but it seemed to have tomato, aside from the watermelon. Well, I recommend that you try it.

NamNam 007
Gising-gising (literally “wake-up, wake up”) was one of their Classics. This one has sigarilyas, kangkong and chili. The coconut cream was tasty though I would have wanted it to be spicier. But that’s me Open-mouthed smile

I could not remember much about their Laing… Sad smile  I guess you can draw your own conclusions about that. Sorry! Embarrassed smile2013-04-24 20.19.03

Another which is worth to try! Pork Adobo done differently (I think). The pork was crispy and tender and seemed to be cooked in adobo sauce. The sauce was served on the side. Again, spoonfuls of rice for just a few drops of the sauce hehe.2013-04-24 20.19.302013-04-24 20.18.57

Some of the desserts I have tried so far: Ube with sago is actually part of their beverage list. This one is like drinking ube milk shake as it was so creamy!
NamNam 009
...while the leche flan with gata was raved in reviews I have seen. I think instead of the regular milk, they used coconut milk which gave it super delicious creaminess and smoothness!2013-04-24 20.44.52
There are three serving options per dish: good for one, three to four and five to six. Prices range from 150 and up. Check out the complete menu and corresponding prices here.
There are still more, more, more interesting items in their menu which makes me vow to go back again and again. Open-mouthed smile

-- elle --
All text and photos by Elle A. Esteban
Twitter: @theelleswhere
Instagram: @theelleswhere
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