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Kasuga Ramen House

I seldom go to Quezon City. Not because i don’t want to (after all, it was my second home back in college), but because there was never really the time (or reason) to go here.

So whenever an opportunity  comes along to eat at the area, i welcome it. I know that there are a lot of nice and unexpected dining places there. 

There is always one condition whenever we go here: eat at a place that cannot be found either in Makati or Paranaque.

That's why we found ourselves at Kasuga Ramen House. 
2013-05-17 14.23.23

Their specialty seem to be ramen (obviously, its in the name. LOL), but also because they have a wide array of ramen choices. Looking at the options actually overwhelmed me a bit. I actually had my eyes on the curry ramen, as well as the Tan Men which they said was their best seller spicy ramen. Looking at the picture it sure looked good!

But, it was not a ramen day for us.

2013-05-17 14.36.28
We ordered Takoyaki -- just because Jie thought it was my favorite. hehe well, its the thought that counts Nyah-Nyah

When it arrived, it was BIG -- well bigger than the usual that I see. 6 pieces cost Php80 which was pretty good considering that each Takoyaki ball was so filling and heavy. I actually was able to eat only 2. And i was actually forcing myself to finish the second helping!

This Takoyaki though was different from the usual too. See the pinkish filling? 
2013-05-17 14.30.48
2013-05-17 14.39.39

Next on the menu was gyoza. 8 pieces cost Php150 with rice and soup. just add Php 15 and you can actually have your rice converted to chahan ( fried rice).
2013-05-17 14.33.28
2013-05-17 14.33.41

The yasai itame (stir fried vegetables) with rice and soup also cost just Php 150. We also converted its rice to chahan.

2013-05-17 14.36.12
I am not an expert on Japanese food. All i can say is that it is one of my favorite dishes. And what we ordered today was as expected as with the others where I have ordered the same things. 

But i plan to go back here. I want to try their ramen. Curious to try...which one, i still have no idea :)

Kasuga Ramen House is located along Sct Esguerra Ave., Quezon City

-- elle --All text and photos by Elle A. EstebanTwitter: @theelleswhereInstagram: @theelleswhereemail: / Posted using BlogPress from my iPad, a great companion! :)