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Fambond at Little Quiapo

Sunday lunch was unplanned. After church, we found ourselves roaming around BF Paranaque trying to find a lunch place. This time, we decided on Little Quiapo.

Our awareness of Little Quiapo was as Mom and Dad’s date place. I am not really sure how many times they went there back in their day, but I associate it as their “date place”. Of course, we haven’t been to the original location.

It was not our first time here. But it sure was nice to be back.
                 2013-04-28 11.40.502013-04-28 11.42.57
                2013-04-28 11.41.552013-04-28 11.43.06
While waiting for our other, we amused ourselves watching the parrots and love birds behind on one side of the wall.

And of course,we noticed that they were selling various snacks and chichirya. We actually bought pastillas, peanuts and ate the okoy as our appetizer.
2013-04-28 11.46.562013-04-28 11.54.14

The okoy was real yummy with their vinegar :)
Now, when the food arrived, it was all worth the wait!

I loved their sizzling seafood, well because it was like eating sisig but healthier. 

2013-04-28 12.06.33

2013-04-28 12.06.39
Since we were a bit on the "healthy" diet, we ordered rellenong talong (eggplant). This was not a winner as much as the others we ordered. This was just 3 boiled eggplants and ground beef covered with egg. Not much to look forward to. This one though was the first , among the three, that we finished.  That should say something :)
2013-04-28 12.07.07
And of course, the kare-kare. We heard a customer from the other table who automatically decided on this one after she sat down.
Just a few drops of the sauce on your rice and okay na! Since I am not a real food critic, all I can really say was this a winner! It's up to you to taste it to be able to know what I mean.
2013-04-28 12.08.08
And lastly, the halo-halo. According to my mom, Little Quiapo was quite famous for their version, even before the Razon's came in the metro.
Unlike Razon's with almost no ingredients, this one is quite full: nata de coco, beans, red mongo, langka, leche flan... the works! And with ube ice cream on top.

This one visit sure is tummy happy :)
2013-04-28 12.35.56