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Heorum Korean, SBC and World Topps

New areas to explore. 
Alive from morning 'til night. 

New office, new place in the CBD.
One whole day around PDCP.

Heorum's Bibimbap

The few times I tried Korean food have been failures. Now I am adding another to the list. 
Heorum Korean and Japanese Restaurant: not really  worth trying considering I ordered a signature Korean dish :( 

Adobo flakes. Separate the rice please!

Dinner was at WorldTopps along Valero St.
Pretty affordable for their rice toppings. 
Serving was quite generous. 
And oh, they're open until 10 pm. :) Definitely an option during lunch and OTs.

Brownie Javakula

Oreo Cheesecake

Hot Strawberry tea
And Seattle's Best. The option instead of Starbucks at the corner. 
Better and bigger place to hang-out. and relax after a stressful day.
Dessert and drinks. Nice ending to a whole day of trying new places. 

Too bad there's no Coffee Bean in the area.