Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Fambond at Highlands Coffee

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Just a few snapshots one rainy Sunday afternoon when I treated my mom and grandma to coffee and "tambay". Since we were at Waltermart Sucat, and the only coffee shop there was Highlands Coffee, off we went.

(Our family is actually a "regular" here and have already claimed one or two freebies due to their frequency card promo before, but I realized that this is the first time I am writing about this. Sorry about that Highlands Coffee! LOL!)

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Highlands Coffee is actually cheaper than the other coffeeshops. A short order costs about P79 to 99, while a regular or 16oz is Php 10 more. They only have 2 sizes.

Aside from the regular coffee (iced blended and hot), they also have vietnamese coffee.

Cafe Mocha for Php 109

Caramel Machiatto for P109, 16 oz

Donuts at Php 39 ea.

In the few times I have been here, i have been ordering their donuts. They have the traditional glazed, chocolate glazed, as well as the pastillas de leche and sugar free. Not bad for Php39 each!

My mom and grandma and the chocolate glazed donut :)

Grandma with her cafe latte

They also have cake slices and deli sandwiches. We tried their Amaretto cake slice which was like chocolate cake and tiramisu combined. Yum!
Mom and Grandma with an Amaretto cake slice
Amaretto cake slice at Php 129.
This Highlands Coffee is located at ground floor Waltermart Sucat. They have above 7 other branches around the metro as of this posting. Visit their facebook page HighlandsCoffeePhilippines for information. 

Some other pictures from previous visits below: =)
Rosemary Chicken Sandwich (I think :P)

One of their ice blended without whipped cream

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Malcolm's Burger

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(Busy! Busy! Busy for the past days! Just squeezing this in. 
As I mentioned in previous post, please pardon the pictures.)

At the ground floor of PDCP Building along Rufino St. is Malcolm's Burger.

They have a promo every Monday where they offer their burgers for about 10% off. Well, they had a sign that Monday when I bought mine. So anyway, this certain promo enticed me to try it out. 

I ordered their version of Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger. 

I must say, their patty was juicy. And tastes like real beef (LOL!) Quite heavy and quite sinful burger.
You can add on additional dressing for a minimal fee. Plus they also offer rice meals.

Will probably try this one again, that is, when I feel like eating a burger. 
Their take-out box
With chips and drinks, Php 180.

The Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger...

...with generous serving of bacon

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Relish at Ponte

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(I'm back! After months of silence due to malware and the thing you called "job". LOL!

2013-08-30 21.06.57

In the next few posts however, I will be  uploading not-so-nice pictures. So please bear with me. I had to have my iPhone repaired and the replacement is blah. Can't wait to get my Apple back. Sigh.)

So we transferred to our new office around August. The new area at Rufino St. in Ayala Avenue seemed to be the busiest part of Makati. What's good about it though is there are a lot of nice dining areas around that are not “franchised”. My experimental side can’t wait to try it all out!

One of the first we did try is Relish at Ponte. Just a few buildings away, off we went one Friday night to indulge ourselves.

Relish is casual dining. I think it gets very full during lunch as there was a sign at the door for reservations. And there were 2 times indicated for reservations. If I remember correctly, first reservation was at 11am and the other was at 1230 pm.

According to their description at Foursquare, “Relish at Ponte is a cozy modern bistro restaurant serving delicious cross-continental food inspired by family favorites”.
2013-08-30 21.48.08
2013-08-30 21.48.27
Tables were a bit too close for my taste. You can almost touch the person from the other table. The area was actually not big.

We started off with chicken liver pate. (What you see below was the jelly on top of the pate thus it looks black.) I like pate and what they served was as expected. Cost was about Php 200 I think.
2013-08-30 21.14.50
They serve small plates and the regular entrée. I think the difference is one has side dish while the small plates do not. But you can add side dishes for an additional Php 50.

We went for the regular plates. I tried the Roasted Rosemary Chicken. It came with mashed potato, garlic mayo dip (I think) and sauce from the chicken (I think when they roasted it).

The chicken was so tender! The meat actually separates from the bone when you slice it. And I liked their mashed potato. The first I tasted which would not remind you to look for gravy. In love2013-08-30 21.19.25
2013-08-30 21.20.46
Junjie tried their hickory smoked pork belly. It also came with mashed potato and this time, with corn kernels. Meat was also tender and tasted like barbecue, kinda sweet. For someone who like sweet food like me, it was good.
2013-08-30 21.19.072013-08-30 21.19.34
Regular plates costs about Php 300 and up. Small plates are at less than Php 300.
2013-08-30 21.19.45

Relish at Ponte is located at the Ground Floor, Ponte Salcedo along Valero St., Salcedo Village in Makati. They are open from Monday to fridays, 11 am to 10:00 pm, and Saturdays until 3:00 pm.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Malware Aware

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Yey! Malware gone!
Removed widgets from Topblogarea which Google keeps blocking.
Good thing the site is now "clean" :) Let me know if you still get the "Malware ahead" warning when you open my site so I can figure it out (or at least let my brother figure it out hehe)

Also recently tried some places which I will post soon! (I hope I get out of my deadlines hehe)
See yah!

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