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Showing posts from September, 2013

Sunday Fambond at Highlands Coffee

Just a few snapshots one rainy Sunday afternoon when I treated my mom and grandma to coffee and "tambay". Since we were at Waltermart Sucat, and the only coffee shop there was Highlands Coffee, off we went. (Our family is actually a "regular" here and have already cl…

Malcolm's Burger

(Busy! Busy! Busy for the past days! Just squeezing this in.  As I mentioned in previous post, please pardon the pictures.) At the ground floor of PDCP Building along Rufino St. is Malcolm's Burger. They have a promo every Monday where they offer their burgers for about 10% o…

Relish at Ponte

(I'm back! After months of silence due to malware and the thing you called "job". LOL! In the next few posts however, I will be  uploading not-so-nice pictures. So please bear with me. I had to have my iPhone repaired and the replacement is blah. Can't wait to get my…

Malware Aware

Yey! Malware gone! Removed widgets from Topblogarea which Google keeps blocking. Good thing the site is now "clean" :) Let me know if you still get the "Malware ahead" warning when you open my site so I can figure it out (or at least let my brother figure it out hehe…