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Sunday Fambond at Highlands Coffee

Just a few snapshots one rainy Sunday afternoon when I treated my mom and grandma to coffee and "tambay". Since we were at Waltermart Sucat, and the only coffee shop there was Highlands Coffee, off we went.

(Our family is actually a "regular" here and have already claimed one or two freebies due to their frequency card promo before, but I realized that this is the first time I am writing about this. Sorry about that Highlands Coffee! LOL!)

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Highlands Coffee is actually cheaper than the other coffeeshops. A short order costs about P79 to 99, while a regular or 16oz is Php 10 more. They only have 2 sizes.

Aside from the regular coffee (iced blended and hot), they also have vietnamese coffee.

Cafe Mocha for Php 109

Caramel Machiatto for P109, 16 oz

Donuts at Php 39 ea.

In the few times I have been here, i have been ordering their donuts. They have the traditional glazed, chocolate glazed, as well as the pastillas de leche and sugar free. Not bad for Php39 each!

My mom and grandma and the chocolate glazed donut :)

Grandma with her cafe latte

They also have cake slices and deli sandwiches. We tried their Amaretto cake slice which was like chocolate cake and tiramisu combined. Yum!
Mom and Grandma with an Amaretto cake slice
Amaretto cake slice at Php 129.
This Highlands Coffee is located at ground floor Waltermart Sucat. They have above 7 other branches around the metro as of this posting. Visit their facebook page HighlandsCoffeePhilippines for information. 

Some other pictures from previous visits below: =)
Rosemary Chicken Sandwich (I think :P)

One of their ice blended without whipped cream

-- elle --
All text and photos by Elle A. Esteban
Twitter: @theelleswhere
Instagram: @theelleswhere