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Tonkatsu by Terazawa

One Saturday afternoon, when we totally missed the lunch hour, we decided to try out Tonkatsu by Terazawa ar Greenbelt. It was actually my second time there while it was Jie's first.

Our "lunch" was at 3:30 and by that time, there were only a few tables occupied. So we had the opportunity to choose  a nice booth near the entrance.

The display near the entrance

Instructional on the table. Believe me, we read and followed it :)
While waiting for our order, we had the time to observe around and read this instructional on how to best enjoy a Tonkatsu, and believe me! Following it would give you the best enjoyment in eating your tonkatsu.

First, I didn't know that salt would actually enhance the flavor. The same goes for grinding sesame seeds on the tonkatsu before dipping it into the sweet tonkatsu sauce. YUM!
The complimentary tea

Tonkatsu sauce and 2 choices of sauce for the cabbage
As it was always Jie's tactic to ask the waiter to recommend for us, I decided on the Oyster and rosu katsu which was actually Japanese oysters and tonkatsu from local pork. It came with unlimited Japanese rice, unlimited miso soup and unlimited cabbage. 

I guess what was good about Tonkatsu by Terazawa, aside from the unlimited rice, soup and cabbage, is the fried pork / oyster were not at all oily considering (and I can imagine) it was deep fried. 
Oyster and rosu katsu set Php 495

I liked the rosu katsu especially if it was dipped with salt and with sesame seeds. Thumbs up!

However, I don't particularly like the oysters. In the pictures, it looked big, because it is big. But when you eat it, you can hardly taste the oysters as the breading overpowers the taste. The breading was nice tho. It was crisp and crunchy, I can almost live with just the breading, tonkatsu sauce and Japanese rice :)

the Japanese oyster with thick breading :)

Jie ordered the specialty and the bestseller (according to the waiter) -- Tokusen Kurobuta.
The bestseller and the specialty: Tokusen Kurobuta, Php 595
The set also included unlimited miso, rice and cabbage. This set though boasted its 100% premium, imported pork. Was it good? 

All I can say was Jie finished 2 bowls of rice, 2 bowls of miso soup and loads of cabbage with what he ordered =D 

Comparing the local Rosu katsu (left) and the premium katsu (right)

Tonkatsu by Terazawa is lcoated at Greenbelt 2, Makati

-- elle --
All text and photos by Elle A. Esteban
Twitter: @theelleswhere
Instagram: @theelleswhere