Friday, November 29, 2013

Bakery Cafe at the new SM City BF

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We visited the newly opened SM City BF Paranaque to check out what's in there. It opened just today so a lot of the stores were still closed. Among those that were still closed were J.Co's (i will only buy if there's no line) and Vikings.

Since it was opening day, a lot of the fastfood chains were overflowing. We decided to try instead Bakery Cafe.

It was still their soft opening so the only available items in their menu include the pastas, the pumpkin soup and their cupcakes. Since we were not in the mood for pasta, we decided to just try their coffee and cupcakes.

Their cupcakes sell for Php68 each. They have carrot, red velvet, hazalnut truffles, chocolate velvet and some cake slices. We decided to go with Reese's and the chocolate velvet.

Now I am not a fan of cupcakes. I never went into the cupcake craze years back aside from tasting a few. Now, the ones we got from Bakery Cafe, to my untrained palate, tasted "normal" (Sorry!) Jie said, and i believe him, that it was not as moist as the others.

Both also tasted the same with difference only in the icing. Perhaps because both were chocolate-based? But from the icing of the two, i preferred the Reese's as it tasted like real peanut butter, plus it has Reese's on top.

Perhaps i will go back as there were some interesting items on their menu. Perhaps I will go back to try again their other cupcakes. But for now, i would say that there are still other places to try. :)

-- elle --
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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Another great relief from CoffeeBean #YolandaPH

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Another email, another help invite from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Makes me appreciate this coffee shop more than the others.
I suggest you coffee addicts pack up your old coffee machines and get this one from CBTL. Your purchase/s will help our friends in the Visayas.

-- elle --
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Monday, November 11, 2013

CoffeeBean for victims of #YolandaPH

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I got this in my email today. Kudos to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.
I hope all vendors would do something like this....

Incidentally, a Starbucks barista invited me to an event they have tomorrow, November 13, at their 6750 branch. From 5:30 to 8:30, they will be offering their beverages at 50% off, while some premium items will be sold at discounted amount. There will also be some raffle. 

I did not hear anything about proceeds going to the Yolanda victims. But am hoping it will. 

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