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Director's Club, SM City BF Paranaque

Tried the cinemas at SM BF. They were actually boasting about their Director's Club. They have 4 plus 2 3D cinemas.
It was still early when we went there so we had time to look around and take pictures. We also told them it was our "first time" so they were quite lenient hehe
After buying our tickets, we were greeted by a spacious lobby while waiting for the movie to start. There were also some seats to ensure that we can wait comfortably.
The concierge also inquired if we want to order food. But there is the option to order food inside.
If my count was correct, the cinema can accommodate about 40 seats I think. Anyway, each seat is spacious enough to have your feet up and seat with you bag beside you. The cinema attendants were also quite gracious enough to allow us to take pictures of the surroundings. Of course, there were still no people around so we were brave enough to take pictures around...
They even offered to take our pictures for us :)
The Directors club costs Php 350 each, with a free bowl of popcorn. They also have decent sandwiches, burgers and popcorn from their menu selections, as well as drinks. The guy we spoke too told us their best seller was the angus burger which costs php250 each and the chicken panini which costs a little over Php100. The chicken paninis we ordered were actually good.
Oh, and by the way, only food bought from their store is allowed inside. :)
I think we found another hang out place to relax. :D
-- elle -- 
All text and photos by Elle A. Esteban 
Twitter: @theelleswhere 
Instagram: @theelleswhere