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Herald Suites

A boutique hotel along Chino Roces Ave., Makati City...
The stay here was impromptu as I was craving for rest given the hectic work schedule. I just called them up on the night that I want to rest. When I was asking for the rate, they asked me first if the people who will be staying are foreigners or not. When they learned that Filipinos would be staying, they gave me the rate P3,000/night.
A lot of Japanese were also checking in that night. Actually, the hotel seemed to be catering to Japanese nationals. Probably because Little Tokyo was just across the street.
The staff were accommodating and friendly when we were at the lobby.
Okay, i am not an expert on hotels so you be the judge, based on the pictures below :)
2013nov21-23 11th 0692013nov21-23 11th 068
The hotel was nice. The room was unexpectedly spacious given the price.
2013nov21-23 11th 018
2013nov21-23 11th 007
The rooms faced an internal balcony. 
2013nov21-23 11th 014
There is a mini-bar, free coffee and bottled water in the room, as well.

2013nov21-23 11th 011
2013nov21-23 11th 019     

By the way, a stay comes with free breakfast. I dont have pictures but set breakfast choices include Filipino, Continental and Japanese :)

For more information, check it here:

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All text and photos by Elle A. Esteban
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