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New Bombay

Last Friday night, we cannot decide where to eat. We wanted something new so we decided to walk around Salcedo Village to check out the different places near the area.

We ended up along Dela Costa St., and there we decided to eat at New Bombay. It was actually my first time to eat here considering that there a lot of branches in the metro.
2014-03-14 New bombay 002

I tried their Flavored Lassi strawberry (Php85) which was actually their version of a yoghurt drink. Try imagining drinking the yoghurt drink from groceries. They actually offer a lot of flavors, including plain yoghurt drink. 

There were a lot of choices in New Bombay, from chicken to mutton, to vegetarian. I actually don’t know where to start as their menu was extensive so we  inquired about their bestseller. They recommended their Mutton Rogan Josh (Php 255) and we  opted for that. They asked us whether we want it to be mild, medium or full spicy. We chose medium as we still weren’t sure how mild was their mild.
2014-03-14 New bombay 003
When it arrived, the meat was so tender - the type where strips separate from each other. Their medium spicy was also not spicy enough for me. Taste-wise, I imagined a caldereta . (Pardon for this comparison haha! Nyah-Nyah) But I love the thick sauce. I can imagine I would be able to eat cups of rice with just the sauce alone. Good thing we did not order any rice, otherwise it would be a test of will not to eat a lot. I must say that the biryani was tempting but it was sheer will power that we decided with just the pita bread. Who me?
2014-03-14 New bombay 004
We also ordered their Tandoori chicken and their plain Naan Bread (Php 30 each).I think it was unusual for diners not to eat their rice selections as they asked us twice if we will not be ordering rice.

The dishes do not look plenty when it arrived though I I must say that it was really filling. I guess their naan was quite heavy as we only ordered 2 pieces and we were not able to finish it. 
2014-03-14 New bombay 006
I think the 2 sauces that they gave us with our dishes were winners. The green one was spicy while the brown (foreground) was sweet. The combination of these 2 on either the rogan josh or tandoori chicken made both tastier. Junjie however did not care much for the sweet sauce.

I want to go back here and try the other dishes as there are a lot that I would want to try. There were also a lot of Indians eating here so I guess their selections  were authentic enough for them.

You can check out New Bombay branches here.