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Never again at Kitchitora (Glorietta 5)

We dined here at Kitchitora a few weeks back. We were actually looking for a place with beer as one of us were looking for one. Though no one actually ordered it.

The place was packed and we had to wait a while before we were seated. There were only 2 things I remembered when we went here:

2014-03-28 Kitchitora 003

1. Service was slow and bad.  We had to wait a while before our orders arrived. We also needed to remind the servers of our order. I think the servers were not listening to our requests.

We had to follow-up our gyoza numerous times but before it arrived, we were already done with our meal, considering that we were waiting for some other people to arrive, and it was part of the initial orders we placed. Thus I don’t have any pictures but I remember that their gyoza was small. I think there were 5 pieces for less than Php 200.

While waiting for our orders, we asked to be transferred to another long table that had just been vacated as the people we were waiting for will be arriving. They acknowledged this but when they cleaned up the table, they separated it to numerous ones. We had to remind them that we asked for it. We ended up in another long table instead. And we had to wait a second time while they cleaned it up again.

We also did not liked that they removed the condiments because they were cleaning up and preparing for closing. They did this even though we were not yet done and it was obvious that we were still using it.

2. Their ramens were underwheming. It was actually bitin. Considering the price at more than Php300 each for a regular bowl, their serving was quite small. I would suggest one eat at Ukkokei in Pasay Road or at Shinjuku Ren in Pasong Tamo instead. 

2014-03-28 Kitchitora 005

I cannot remember what Taj ordered at that time but it looked good in their menu. (They have nice food shots I must say.) At Php 195 each, the bowl when it arrived looked like a side dish.

2014-03-28 Kitchitora 0062014-03-28 Kitchitora 002

‘Nuff said. Perhaps we just weren’t lucky that time. But with the numerous Japanese restaurants in Makati, Kitchitora would be the last in my list.

Sorry. Sad smile