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Calda Pizza +True Blends

2014-07-01 Calda Pizza 020
Our week days usually end late. Dinner at 9 pm and later are common. So, when after an errand we found ourselves at BF Paranaque, our next mission was to find a place that was still open, and would not be rushing us with call-for-last-orders.

We were not looking for something fancy. We don’t want to stay late as it was the
middle of the week, after all. We passed by this place and I hopped down and asked how long they were open. They said until 12 midnight. Perfect!
2014-07-01 Calda Pizza 0012014-07-01 Calda Pizza 003

Going inside, their chairs beckoned to me. They looked so comfy! I immediately thought of late tambay nights in the place. Their store hours was already becoming a plus factor.

There were actually 2 stores inside: Calda Pizza and True Blends. We actually saw True Blends first and ordered before we saw that they also have pizza.
2014-07-01 Calda Pizza 0052014-07-01 Calda Pizza 004
It was hard to decide which pizza. They actually have 29 flavors and each comes in regular (11”), Family (16”), XL (20”), Super “30” and XtraSuper (36”) sizes! A regular costs as low as P165 while an XtraSuper costs as much as P1,580, depending on price. Not bad, considering the size of the XtraSuper.
We ordered the Calda regular which costs P245. They prepare the pizza as soon as you order, from preparing the dough (rolling pin and all) to topping with ingredients. We took our time to watch since there was only 2 other diners at the time.
2014-07-01 Calda Pizza 0072014-07-01 Calda Pizza 0082014-07-01 Calda Pizza 009
And it arrived! 
2014-07-01 Calda Pizza 016
2014-07-01 Calda Pizza 017
Look at that mozzarella!
2014-07-01 Calda Pizza 018
The food at True Blends was not bad too. I specially liked their chicken chops (Php 69) which has a nice combination of sweet and saltiness.
2014-07-01 Calda Pizza 015
2014-07-01 Calda Pizza 014
Not that fond though of their seafood pesto. It was really just red sauce as the server warned us. I guess we should have listened when they told us that their bestseller was the aglio olio. Seafood pasta at P160.
From the selection of drinks they were offering, it was really hard to choose. They have the usual milk teas, yakult, yoghurt and so on. I think I even saw coffee.

Anyway, we decided on the white oreo cheesecake (P110 for the largest size) while I chose the Lychee Nata Green Tea (Php55) which has long nata bits.
2014-07-01 Calda Pizza 0102014-07-01 Calda Pizza 011
2014-07-01 Calda Pizza 012
Over all nice experience I must say, considering it was impromptu. Open-mouthed smileThumbs up
Calda Pizza is located at 236 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes Paranaque.