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Livestock –crispy pata at its best

We had no definite plans last Saturday so it was okay to just tag along when Junjie needed to go to the office. He needed to attend the grand draw of their radio network promo RGMA Pera Sorpresa 3.  And was I so glad!

After waiting for the grand draw winner to be announced, Sir Mon Bolisay invited us all to Livestock for lunch, so off we went.
While the RGMA guys were busy ordering, I got busy taking a few pictures around the place. The place is actually a restaurant and bar. Aside from the main dining area at the ground floor, they have another area at the 2nd floor which I think can be closed off for functions.


Now, when it came to the food, I really had no idea what to expect from the place. The guys kept mentioning the crispy pata while the restaurant clearly advertised it on their place mat.
We started with the Four Egg Spinach which, for me was like spinach and nido cream soup combined. Very tasty!
Then we also had the one below which was like mixed vegetables with shrimp on oyster sauce. Unfortunately, I was not able to really taste this because by that time the highlights of our meal arrived!

Their crispy pata (Php645) was sinfully tender and crispy. When it arrived, the waiter asked us if we want him to chop it. When we agreed, he promptly used the popsicle to “chop” it up. Just showed how tender and crispy it was!
Sinfully delicious was the best way to describe it. A bite was not enough. For a moment, all the information I know about bad cholesterol and diet came back but having a taste made me disregard all that for a while. Uh-oh.

And we were not yet done! Winking smile

Next came the crackling pork belly. When I saw it, I had to swallow my guilt and dug in. Like the crispy pata, the pork belly had a very crispy skin (imagine potato chips-like) while the meat was so tender!

Each order came with a bowl of vinegar and with lechon sauce. And one can order 1/4, 1/2 or 1 kilo: 1 kilo costs Php 945. Oh yes, the guys ordered the kilo. Eye rolling smile

Before you judge the amount of pork we ate, nope! We did not finish the one kilo. There were left overs. I hope I can say the same for the crispy pata. Winking smile
Livestock left me very full with our very unforgettable meal. Guilty but very satisfied! I cant help but plan our next visit because we will definitely go back when we’re in Quezon City. Thank you to Sir Mon for introducing us to the place. Open-mouthed smile

Livestock Restaurant and Bar is located at Sgt Esguerra St., Quezon City.

Oh by the way! Just want to share the mountain of entries from Radio GMA’s Pera Sorpresa 3 below. There were still unopened sacks when the shot was taken. Smile

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