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Showing posts from March, 2015

Ilocos empanada

Have you ever tried the ilocos empanada? Ive been seeng it in several food kiosks around the metro but got to taste it early this year only when we visited Tagaytay. (Ironic isnt it, that we had to go to Tagaytay to taste it.) Well that was the only kiosk that doesn't have a line when…


A moment shared.  A kiss stolen by lovers despite the chaos around. As is the instance, when this photographer captured their moment, to be shared to everyone. #sunset #SMMoa #captured

Ensaymada at Richmonde

We've always talked about it. And we have had severals attempts. Either they're out of stock or the cafe was closed.  Finally, one holiday afternoon, we were able to catch Richmonde's elusive ensaymada :P Jie became excited after learning that it was available. He quickly o…

Ikea Chocolate

Got this from @krixplusnoreen! Can't wait to try 😊