We've always talked about it. And we have had severals attempts. Either they're out of stock or the cafe was closed. 

Finally, one holiday afternoon, we were able to catch Richmonde's elusive ensaymada :P
Jie became excited after learning that it was available. He quickly ordered a few pieces for take out and pasalubong for his mom. It was her favorite after all.  

They have different types of ensaymada -- with salted egg, ube flavored and the plain ones. Each one costs about Php 120 to 130 depending on flavor. i think it was worth it given that each one is good for about 3 people! Yup. See picture below for size perspective :P 
We also tried their chocolate cake which tasted heavenly. 
They were actually offering big cream puffs and cheese bread. Well, perhaps next time :)