Saturday, November 28, 2015

From a first timer: Google Flights

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Jie and I have been planning for our US trip for about 6 months now. It was like a dare at the time with condition of course, that I handle all the bookings.
We were planning a multi-city tour. And it was hard to get flights arriving in a state and then departing in another.
After lots of blogs and google search, I found good reviews about Google Flights. It enabled me to find flights for our multi-city destination. It also tracked the cheapest flight based on my required time and date. I tried it again this time just to show and inputted random airports and dates.
More than tracking the cheapest flight, I was able to save my chosen flights and track if price will go up or down. Since I started checking last August, below is the price track as of today, though the dates I have chosen were past due.
Once satisfied, it led me to a link and asked me to either save the flights or book it. I was checking different flights and airline combinations per day and saving it before I was fully satisfied that I was getting the cheapest.
Once done, it directed me to the airline website. At the airline site, all my chosen date and time, and cities were already there. Then that’s it! All that is left is to fill in the credit card details! :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Barbecue on a Tuesday (L&L Hawaiian BBQ)

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I came from a late afternoon meeting yesterday near Shaw Blvd so Jie and I decided to just meet at Shangri-La Mall given the (usual) horrendous traffic (especially with the APEC lane practice).

And as what was usual with us, we decided to eat somewhere we have not tried before. L&L Hawaiian BBQ was the first store that caught our eyes, so off we went.

Good thing we decided on L&L! According to, this was the store’s first franchise in the Philippines and has just opened last September.


We inquired on their best sellers and decided on Chicken barbecue (Php 188) and BBQ MIx (Php220). For the BBQ mix, I had the option to choose 2, so I chose chicken bbq and teriyaki beef.

I am sorry but my shots below did not give justice to their barbecues! Waaah! Crying face

One order of chicken bbq came with two slices of chicken fillet. I liked that it was sweet but I liked it best when drizzled with Sriracha! Yum!


Their teriyaki beef was tender and it was also semi-sweet. You may also opt to drizzle with teriyaki or soy sauce. The BBQ mix came with 2 slices of beef and one slice of chicken. Sulit if you ask me. I had to give one of the slices to Jie Winking smile


L&L Hawaiian BBQ is located at the 5F Shangri-la Mall in Mandaluyong.

Check out their Philippine FB page here :




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