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Denny's, America's diner

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There were a lot of news this January that Denny’s would be opening in the Philippines. I would be one of those who would eagerly await this!

Our experience with Denny’s was an accident, really.

My friend Donna cannot accompany us that day when we visited her in Colorado. We were staying then at Holiday Inn Lakewood. The hotel itself is nice but it doesn’t have anything within walking distance except, well, Denny’s.

Donna actually recommended that we try it, so off we did. And were we so glad!
Denny’s offered a variety of food, from pancakes, skillets, salads, burgers, sandwiches and even dinner plates.

It was both our first time that time in Colorado and we don’t have anything to compare it with. As for me, I just love the idea of having a leisurely breakfast. It just reinforced the feeling that I am on vacation. Yey!

Trying Denny’s that time in Colorado actually dictated our meals for the rest of our US vacation. We were already in Las Vegas when another friend, Dy, mentioned that it was a franchise. As for us, it was always an instant decision to eat there whenever we see a branch.  I cannot remember how many times we ate there when we were walking along the Vegas strip.

Let me count the ways we loved Denny’s during our trip:
  • refillable coffee
  • eggs, eggs, eggs!
  • hash browns
  • skillets
  • burger (according to Jie)
  • variety (from breakfast to even ribs!)

 Us with our meal that first time in Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood Colorado.

Jie’s face when he saw his  burger that time in Vegas.Nyah-NyahThumbs up

I can’t wait for the first Denny’s to open here in the Philippines! I hope it pushes through this first quarter! Open-mouthed smile