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Vanilla Cupcake at Evia

Have you ever been to Vanilla Cupcake Bakery at Evia Lifestyle Mall?

We don’t know when the store opened in this mall but we chanced upon this a week ago when we were trying to look for somewhere quiet where we can email and do some work.

We really liked how homey the place was. I liked that the chairs were comfy. Made me want to prop my feet up and read on wattpad. Or write. To be honest, this was both our first time in the any of the stores of Vanilla Cupcake (I don’t know why) so it was an experience to look around at their décor and try their coffee and cupcakes.

I think we tried about 3 tables before settling on our final table. They were all nice but the height of the chair relative to the table was not good considering that we were both planning to type on our laptops. Yes, we even tried the big arm chairs. I guess because they were meant to relax a person, and not for those who plan to work.

We finally settled in one of the regular chairs. :D

So it was time to order.
Jie enjoying his couch :)
 We went for our usual Cafe Americano and we tried the Coffee Mocha cupcake.

Well.... First, the Americano was weak. Okay, let me clarify that. I like my coffee strong and this one tasted like it was half brewed coffee and half water. As if the coffee beans have been brewed numerous times. Jie said it would have been okay for other people but not for me. And he did acknowledged that the coffee was weak.  Sorry. I did say that I like my coffee strong.

We seldom eat cupcakes so we are not experts on this. But, I did not find anything special with the one I ordered. Must have chosen an "ordinary" flavor.  (And perhaps because we have just been to Larcy’s Cupcake the previous day?)

Coffee Mocha cupcake 

Coffee mocha cupcake was Php115 while the Café Americano was Php95.

Will we come back? 

Definitely. We both loved the interiors. We simply loved how relaxing the place was.
I dont want to build an entire conclusion with first impressions. Plus, there were a lot more to try - from their cupcakes to their cakes. But perhaps I would try their teas and other drinks next time :)