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The Burgery, Circuit Makati

Prepare to get your hands dirty when you savor The Burgery's fare. That, we did, and enjoyed it. As a starter, we ordered their wings and potato wedges.

Since I was late, I didn't get to take a picture of their wedges. Though for me, it was nothing extraordinary.

Their wings came with vegetable sticks and blue cheese. I was saving my appetite for the burger so after trying one, I just munched on the vegetable sticks.

Then came my burger. It was pure goodness. Big Al was one big patty, bacon, lettuce, onion and bbq sauce. Prepare to have the sauce drip on your hands while eating it. Or perhaps I just did not hold it properly. LOL. That one burger was a little too big for me but I finished it anyway. What can i say? I can't resist!

Big Al
Jie and Papa Baldo both ordered the King Pin. It was 2 beef patties, cheese and bacon. And yes, their hands were dripping with sauce too while they were eating it. And it must have tasted good as well as both finished it, way before I finished mine :)
King Pin Burger
Burgery is located at the Circuit Makati. There is also a branch at BF Homes, Paranaque.